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One call and I’ll arrange all of your inspections

Along with the home inspection, I’ll arrange for other needed, or desired, inspections to be done at the same time. The “big three” are generally, the Home Inspection, WDI / Termite, and radon. These are the most commonly requested test/inspections that nearly all houses should have done. If your house doesn’t have any of the items mentioned below, these three will probably be all that you need, unless you want more information than they can provide. Examples of “additional information” would be to add Infrared or Energy Score.

However, your house may have other items/systems that require additional inspections. Examples would be a septic system or mold. Or you just may want more information than the “big three” can provide. The following is a list of the services that I provide. How far you go with inspections will depend on your comfort level and your pocketbook. I can explain what your options are and the information that will and will not be provided by all of the inspections.

I act as a conductor or master of ceremonies and explain the relationship and/or the need for any of these additional inspections. Additionally, I’m very familiar with these test/inspections. I’ve been doing or providing them for years so you get my opinion and I can often answer your questions.

  • WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) / Termite Inspections:
    • WDI inspections are one of the inspections your bank may require. I do these inspections the entire time I’m doing the home inspection. I’m usually in the basement for at least an hour and that is where you are most likely to find evidence of wood destroying insects. However, it can be found even in the attic.