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The single most important aspect of a home inspection is the knowledge and experience of the home inspector that you chose.

When you chose Scott Home Inspections you are getting nearly 5 decades of building, remodeling, renovating, and inspection experience.

When you call me, you get me – the person who will do your inspection. I’m also available anytime after the inspection.

Once I perform a home inspection for you, I become your lifetime house expert. You can call me years from now and I’ll be happy to give you advice/direction.


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My concerns are for you and your investment

Welcome, this is Herb Scott, owner/inspector of Scott home inspections. I’m an INDEPENDENT, BUYERS ADVOCATE, full-service home/building Inspection service. Including home/building inspections, WDI/Termite inspections, radon testing, septic inspections, water testing, lead & mold testing, Stucco inspections, Infrared evaluations, and Energy Audits. Over 5 decades of experience, over 25 of them as a home inspector. (ASHI Certified) I’m also a Certified Level II Infrared Thermographer and a Certified BPI Energy Auditor.

I have a “Deal Killer” reputation and I’m proud of it. Not because I overreact, or don’t keep things in perspective, but because I provide you with more information than the agent generally wants you to have. Click to See What I mean. I DON’T MARKET TO AGENTS. You will not find my cards or brochures in realtor’s offices. My inspections come from referrals and hopefully you who are viewing my site.

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In 1969, I started a “handyman” business. With a rusted out old VW bus, some very basic tools, and an ad in a small local paper, I had more referrals than I could handle. Over the next 20 + years, I read, studied, practiced (a lot of trial and error), worked hard, and turned that one man handyman business into a full-fledged building company with 6 employees. I hooked up with several local architects and was doing large renovations, additions, and new houses. In the 90’s, home inspections started becoming relevant and I thought my experience might be a good fit. The transition took several years but during that decade, I moved over into home inspections.

I enjoy giving clients the benefit of over 50 years of experience and knowledge.

The inspection and the information obtained from it will only be as good as the home inspector. When I was the owner of a small building company I worked right along side of my men and the whole gamut of subcontractors, architects, tradespeople, suppliers, inspectors, and engineers necessary to complete the hundreds of residential and light commercial projects I was involved in. I was responsible for all the aspects of these projects. From the conception and design stage, obtaining permits and local variances, through the construction phase. From groundbreaking to final clean up. All the while, holding the hand of the owner/client. I have brought all that I learned from this experience into the home inspection profession. This gives me a unique insight into the workings of all of the systems in the house. I’m a fully certified member of the American Society of Home Inspectors. (Member # 111874) This is the only organization that requires you to meet very stringent criteria to become a member and yearly educational requirements to keep your membership. Press the ASHI button for more information about The American Society of Home Inspectors.

The home inspector should also have knowledge about all of the systems/items that may not be part of the general home inspection. (See “Services” ) Things like lead, radon, buried tank, septic, and others have the potential to have a serious and costly effect on your future. In addition to having the hands-on building experience, I’m very familiar with all of these items. And in an effort to become even more knowledgeable I have spent thousands of dollars and hours in courses, and seminars learning about the above-mentioned items and many more. The certifications that I have are the best one can obtain.

An Understanding of Building Science:

You don’t need to understand building science to be a home inspector, but it is significantly, to your advantage to have a home inspector that does.

I’m a Level II certified Thermographer. (Infraspection Institute) What that means is that I’ve had extensive training on how to use and understand the science behind an infrared camera. Infrared is a heat-sensing camera that can see wavelengths that the human eye cannot. It can provide additional information about many of the systems in a house. This is not a 4 hour, or a one or two-day “certification”. It is two solid weeks of intensive Infrared and building science with only a 50% passing rate. A home inspection with me that includes Infrared and the Home Energy Score will provide you with as much information that you can get without dismantling the house.

Speaking of Energy, I also became a certified energy auditor. BPI (Building Performance Institute) and RESNET (Residential Energy Services – Energy Star). These certifications also require several full weeks of intensive study of building science and energy.

When I was younger, I performed my own Level 1 Septic Inspections and I was a certified member of the Pennsylvania Septic Management Assoc. (PSMA). Now that I am older and wiser, I use a company that I feel is the best around and does an inspection that I would do. Septic systems are a very important, and potentially a very expensive part of many homes. The PSMA inspection is the most extensive septic inspection available. (Press the “Septic Inspection” button for more information on this.) In essence, you get two inspections/opinions. The one from the septic company and the one I provide based on having done hundreds of septic inspections and over 5 decades of experience.

In 1996, I was one of the first inspectors in southeastern Pa., to become certified by (EDI) Exterior Design Institute, to perform 3rd party inspections on hard coat stucco and (EIFS) Exterior Insulation Finish Systems. Commonly referred to a “Synthetic Stucco”. I am also certified by The Moisture Warranty Corp. to perform full invasive stucco evaluations. I use Moisture Warranty Corp. protocol because it is the strictest stucco inspection protocol available. Houses with stucco cladding are more prone to moisture intrusion and entrapment and they can have the same problems as EIFS houses. Largely due to poor workmanship. (Press the “Stucco Inspections” button for more information).

When you chose Scott Home Inspections you are getting nearly 5 decades of building, remodeling, renovating, and inspection experience.

The single most important aspect of a home inspection is the knowledge and experience of the home inspector that you chose.

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